This Information was submitted to establish Smallin Civil War Cave as a historical landmark in December of 2009.

In my printed documentation, I am including several printed documents from:

As you can clearly see, Smallin Cave is remarkable in many different areas; ecologically, geologically, and historically. Smallin was the first cave to be documented in the Ozarks. The excerpt from Schoolcraft's book is amazing in its vivid description. We are hoping at some point to set up an archaeological dig at the entrance, where so many relics of Native American life have been found. The bluffs on either side of the cave's steep valley entrance show strong evidence of chert mining(for arrowheads and stone tools). I will also include a photo of the "Indian Marker Tree". We had the State Conservation Dept. out last fall to help us determine what trees would be best to plant on the property, and they confirmed what we already believed; the old black walnut tree that stands behind the gift shop on the hill was indeed manipulated by early inhabitants of the area to point the way  to the cave, and to the stream which flows from its mouth.